2018 vendor list

Steam Pop Creations
Steampunk and repurposed jewelry, potion bottles, hats and mini hats, goggles, monocles, and hand fans

Keeping the Dream
Locally handmade Artisan Gifts with a Nostalgic Twist, Alternate History baubles, Historical impressions gear

Airship Iron Rose
Handmade leather goods, metal work, 3D manufactured accessories and more.

Detailed and Dunne
Parasols, hats, hat pins, small leather goods, nick knacks, jewelry, purses, and carpet bags

RagTrader Vintage
Reclaimed vintage pieces like clock/watchworks, typewriter keys, skeleton keys, cameos, and antique chandelier crystals. Necklaces, bracelets, tie tacks, cufflinks, pocket/pendant watches, brooches, barrettes and combs.

Raven Designs
Handmade one-of-a-kind items: plush robots, handmade journals, keepsake boxes, and artwork

Original fine art photographic prints of steam-era railroad locomotives and other rolling stock. These images are also incorporated as part of hand-bound blank books.

Highwind Steamworks
All manner of jewelry, leatherwork, accessories, goggles and art. All handmade, using a combination new and antique/vintage parts.

Inside Out: Accessible Art
Steampunk jewelry, accessories, art, bumbershoots and parasols, the strange and the mysterious! May also provide some hands on activities.

Rotten Roger
3 string cigar box style guitars made where possible from recycled materials, bedpans, oil cans, lunchboxes, and cigar boxes.

Candys Creations 4U
Steampunk, Renaissance and Fantasy jewelry and other unique items.

Daniel Leocadi Photography
Wet plate collodion portraits

The Blonde Swan
American handmade leather hats and accessories

Carnival Epsilon
Custom Embroidery, leather work, goggles, jewelry, carry home cryptorium, and other circus sideshow items

Lady Heather’s Fashions
Handcrafted leather costumes, accessories, and fabric garments.

Steam & Gears
Steampunk jewelry, mini top hats, and accessories

Silent Earth Ceramics
Hand thrown and crafted Steampunk Ceramic Art

Rosswyvernm Press
Steampunk books.

Donald Stephens
Fantasy treehouses and airships are crafted onto the glass of old windows and watercolor paper, blending genres of all kind into their branches and masts. Elaborately crafted and elegantly portrayed, these silhouettes will transport anyone to their favorite tire swing, rope bridge, wonderland among their favorite trees or within the highest clouds.

Tales of the Automazombs
A short story series in a steampunk-inspired world. Mad science created the eponymous Automazombs – “cyborg zombies” who cleanse the land of a devastating plague that has left millions of bodies in its wake. But in their haste to save the world, the inventors ignored a few deadly flaws in their creations.

Sue Rovens
In a similar vein of Poe, Wells, Lovecraft, and Shelly, Sue Rovens adds suspense and horror to the Steampunk Weekend. Her novels and short stories, which she will gladly sign, pay homage to the weird, the odd, and the unsettling. All are encouraged to stop by her booth and learn more.

Hook and Jill
Author Andrea Jones will sign and sell her novels of Neverland for “grown-ups,” the “Hook & Jill” Saga. Also available are theme-related books and accessories, and cover images on various media.

We are purveyors of antique and vintage brass jewelry findings. The stamped pieces that costume jewelry was/is made from.

Traveling Trinkets
Steampunk/Vintage inspired jewelry, accessories, and pocket watches, both working and artistic.

Last Minute and Safety Pins
Hand-made mercantile goods (cravats, tie pins, hat bands, hats, converted Nerf guns, etc.)

Visions by Jessica
A psychic doing tea deck readings and tea charm readings. Basically, all the symbols you’d find in tea cups, in a deck or charms. This is ‘tea readings’ for people who don’t want to drink tea!

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