Cogs & Corsets’ Vendors

We are proud to present the following vendors at our 2023 Steampunk Vendor Market

Located in the ballroom of the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.

Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium

Classic artisan made shaving, beard, and grooming supplies

Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium was founded in June of 2015 with the idea of revitalizing the culture of classic shaving and grooming. At Dr. Mike’s Shaving Emporium we search for the best products created by local and United States based artisans.

All of the products that we carry, we have personally used, researched, and tested. We stand behind the products we sell and we love our vendors and providers. At Dr. Mike’s SE we believe in quality, loyalty, and excellent customer service.

casting whimsy

Casting Whimsy Tea

We make our unique, handcrafted loose leaf tea blends & scratch-made treats with a whimsical twist.

Casting Whimsy is a family-owned business created by two tea lovers. We craft our unique tea blends in small batches using only the finest, ethically sourced, loose leaf tea, organic dried spices, herbs, fruit, and artisan ingredients. Our baked goods are scratch-made with just the basics. We only use simple ingredients and top everything with a touch of whimsy.

As They Sew In France

Unique, creative and handmade Victorian and Steampunk clothing and accessories for men and women.

It comes down to this.. Do you want to stand out… Or blend in? We create unique and one-of-a-kind garments that will turn heads as you walk into a room.


WhmZcoat is about the creation of that whimsical coat that can cross Steampunk and Victorian into the everyday world, making the mundane magical. 

The Whimsy starts with you. It all depends upon the fabric and theme you choose. All coats are one of a kind, and made and sewn by the owner. In order to be more versatile, designs are sleeveless so that one can wear them in nightclubs, with other clothing, or in warmer climates. WhmZcoats are made to wear over one’s clothing and go as well with jeans as with evening dress. Designs are meant to “give” as far as the ribbons in the back so there are always a few inches to spare should one’s size change a bit. Attention to small detail is essential, as is the lining of a WhmZcoat, because the inside of a coat should be as nice as the outside. Size is not a problem because WhmZcoat does custom work and can take measurements and make that coat you have always seen yourself wearing! Empower imagination. Whmzcoat sells coats that cross fantasy into the everyday world, making the mundane magical. Styles are inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars, Cosplay, Anime, Steampunk, Comic Book Characters or whatever sparks the imagination. All are one of a kind and made and sewn by the owner. Custom work is available to fit all sizes.

Raven Designs

Unique handmade items.

I create 2 and 3D art, handmade plush robots, keepsake boxes, and unique one of a kind journals.


Art inspired by magic.

I make a variety of things from stickers, mini top hats, potion decor and jewelry!

Hixon’s Pond Artistic Creations

Creating unique and custom jewelry and accessories.

Hixon’s Pond began when I wanted to give my girls a personalized handmade gift. From that desire came a love of creating jewelry as unique as the individual wearing it. My designs are also available for purchase at the retail outlets The Picker’s Daughter (East Peoria, IL) and Timeless Treasure Market (Metamora, IL).

Harley Easton’s Extras & Roach Textiles

Whimsical wands, blankets, necklaces, and more for anyone a little nerdy at heart.

We are a pair that focuses on whimsical pop culture crafts. From wands and necklaces that make the perfect cosplay accessories to cozy blankets that wrap perfectly around kiddos and fur babies, we’ve got a little something for anyone a little nerdy at heart.

Ravenwing Creations

Unique wire wrapped and steampunk style jewelry and accessories, books, coffee, and other treasures.

We are a group of makers that are passionate about what we do. From jewelry and accessories to coffee and the printed word, we have something for everyone. Inspired by steampunk and all things geek you will find something you cant live without!

Sue Rovens – Indie Suspense Author

Fast paced, locally written suspense and thrillers.

Sue Rovens is an indie suspense/horror author who lives in Normal, Illinois. She has written four suspense novels and two books of short horror stories. Her fifth novel, Sanctum, will be out later this year (2023).

Track 9, her second novel, snagged a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly (May 2018), her short story, “Coming Over”, from her book, In a Corner, Darkly (Volume 1) was turned into a screenplay and short student indie film by the theater department of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and another short story, “When the Earth Bled”, won 2nd place in the Support Indie Authors short story contest in 2021. Her short story, “Skin”, was featured on the Horrorific podcast’s YouTube channel in mid-2022. Sue’s two most recent books (Buried and Rage) are under Plump Toad Press.

Sue owns a blog ( which includes interviews with authors, musicians, podcasters, and artists, and is also a current member of The Chicago Writers Association and the Alliance for Independent Authors (ALLi).

Kryspykitty Kreations

Incredibly unique & unusually upcycled jewelry and home decor

I offer handcrafted, one of a kind assemblage jewelry and home decor. All of my items will have uniquely upcycled and repurposed components. My inspiration is all over the place and very “outside the box’, so some examples of the types of found objects featured in my work include parts from cameras, construction/electrical/ironwork, medical, motorcycle/bicycle/auto, sewing, clock/watch, signage, vintage keys/broken jewelry, rusty gold or “garbage” pieces and basically whatever catches my eye! Every single piece I create tells a story and you will not find any duplicate items in my shop because they are ALL one of a kind!

Sirkles Studio

Sirkles Studio turns words into artwork using a complex circular script that resembles clockwork, gears, and crop circles.

At Sirkles Studio, I turn words into artwork using an intricate and complex circular script. At my shop, the designs decorating the canvases, keychains, stickers and other items all have literal translations. With over 100 options to choose from, one of my most popular items are the ‘Sirkles Art Cards.’ These cards each have a different design, a QR code to access the digital files of that design, AND a key to reading the script on the back. I’m more than happy to do custom transcriptions on the spot as well as answer any questions about my artwork, the script I use, and even its history as an easter egg on Doctor Who!

Brendan Detzner

Fantasy, science fiction, and horror paperbacks full of mischief and adventure!

Brendan Detzner writes in a big messy pile of different genres and formats. His work is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, and usually very strange. He ran Chicago’s own Bad Grammar Theater reading series (and may do so again soon), and he’ll have a bunch of cool books to show you at Cogs and Corsets this year.

Tim’s Turnings

Tim’s Turning’s Facebook page

I make unique custom pens and other small turnings.

I use a variety of materials including historical/sports/entertainment/movie memorabilia to craft one of a kind pens (ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens), bottle openers/stoppers, rings and other small turned items.

Dana Fraedrich, Steampunk Fantasy Author

At Dana’s booth, you’ll find her steampunk book series, of course, but also handmade scented candles based on her characters, handmade polyhedral dice, crocheted goods, jewelry, and more.

Dana Fraedrich is a dog lover, self-professed geek, and author of the steampunk fantasy series Broken Gears, which includes the Amazon bestseller, Out of the Shadows. Dana’s books are full of secrets and colorful characters that examine the many shades of grey that paint the world. In addition, Dana creates in a myriad of other mediums.

Highwind SteamworksHighwind Steamworks

Truly handmade steampunk goods and wares, with something for everyone.

Highwind Steamworks does all handmade leather work, jewelry design, goggles, accessories and more. Locally based out of Bloomington, everything is made to a high standard of quality and design. I use a combination of new and upcycled materials whenever possible, giving you costume and everyday pieces that will get you noticed and will stand the test of time.

Archimedes Azure Creations

A curated collection of hand crafted fantasy, geek, steampunk, and gothic jewelry, accessories, trinkets, wearables, and pouches.

A curated collection of hand crafted fantasy, geek, steampunk, and gothic jewelry, accessories, trinkets, wearables, and pouches. Jenn is the jewelry artist, and travels the Midwest to bring you her creations! Jenn’s mom retired last year, and helps out by sewing adorable and functional pouches for Archimedes Azure Creations. Jenn also brings you hand silk screened ties by Cyberoptix Tie Lab, a woman owned and operated company in Detroit, MI.

M. K. Wiseman, author

Steampunk, fantasy, and historical mystery novels.

M. K. Wiseman is the author of six novels (and counting) along with multiple short stories. She began her professional writing journey in steampunk and has since meandered along the path of historical fantasy and, more recently, Sherlock Holmes’ world. A former librarian, she has a tendency to write very slowly due to the perils (and the fantastic intellectual joys) of rabbit hole research.

The Menagerie of Misplaced Memories

We use recycled, reused, and found items to craft jewelry, illustrations, and the unusual.

The Menagerie is operated by Bri Skeels and Cee Jones, two interdisciplinary artists from central Illinois. They offer a range of unique pieces, from jewelry and fashion accessories, to illustrations, handmade dice, and artistic oddities. Patrons can expect to find a sense of dark whimsey throughout their work, a quality often complimented by the artists’ use of recycled, reused, and found material.

Teaologie LLC

Teaologie’s rotating inventory of premium single-origin tea and innovative blends available in our mobile tasting room for unlimited free samples!

Teaologie’s rotating inventory of premium single-origin tea and innovative blends available in our mobile tasting room for unlimited free samples! Come meet the purveyors of tea found at all your favourite steampunk events, from tea rooms to vending experiences. Our ceremonial teaware, high-quality ingredients, and emphasis on enjoying tea build an intentionally relaxing and cozy environment wherever we go.

Deborah Olson Milliner Extraordinaire

An award-winning milliner featuring one-of-a-kind period hats for ladies and gents of the Victorian, Edwardian eras and Steampunk couture.

An award-winning milliner for over 25 years, I specialize in period-correct hats for ladies and gents of the Victorian, Edwardian eras, Steampunk, alternative fashion and haute couture that hand-crafted “from the neck up”. All are designed, hand sewn, and finished with no two ever alike. Also available are fans, suspenders and other fashionable accessories as well as vintage bar ware, antiquities and oddities of all sorts.

Berries and Flour: Bakery & Harvest Goods, LLC

Berries and Flour supports our communities, farms, and natural areas by offering a full range of handcrafted “harvest goods”: baked goods, teas, jams, rims, beverage mixers (like syrups, shrubs & rims), and wild mock & cocktail kits.

Located in NW Champaign, we select high-quality produce from our and other local farms, and forage the best wild foods at their peak from our hedgerow and the Midwest prairie and forests. Skilled chefs then hand-craft our harvest goods, giving you products that accentuate the Midwest’s bounty of flavors. Berries and Flour is a woman-owned Cottage Food Operation. All of our products are produced in a home kitchen in Champaign County that is not subject to public health inspection that may also process common food allergens. All of our chefs are appropriately licensed, and we take great care to ensure the safety of our products. When you purchase any of our products, you support our business and also a network of over 20 local farms and farm & food security-focused organizations. We primarily attend local farmers markets, and have several staff, apprentice, and volunteer positions. Supporting us is a vote for local farms, strengthening our local economy, and promoting a delicious sustainable food system.

Detailed and Dunne

At Detailed and Dunne we specialize in unique finishing touches.

At Detailed and Dunne we specialize in unique finishing touches. Our products are lovingly gathered and crafted by experienced designers to bring your outfit to life. Whether you start with one of our premier hats, end with that awesome parasol or augment with any of our accessories, we are here to give you those touches that make your outfit uniquely yours.

Bug and Mowl

Bug and Mowl is an emporium of steampunk goods and accessories.

We are a veritable cornucopia of goods. From Jewelry and watches to hats and goggles to cuffs and shirts and coats and teacup holsters we have you covered. Should you need something a little less civilized than a teacup to settle your differences, we also offer a range of nerf-styled weaponry. Categories range from the Dear Engineer, to Sabado Noche Especial, to Filthy Harold, to Ram-Bow, to Love You Long Gun to the penultimate Frankenstein, ending with the ultimate in personal defense, the Compensator. A stop by Bug and Mowl is a must for any Steampunk enthusiast.

Sweet Steam

We live to create moments of joy and wonder, transforming the mundane to the delightful with every bite.

Sweet Steam confections are designed to tickle your sense of whimsy and tantalize your taste buds. Visit us for a sample of textures and flavors that will expand your horizons while making you feel right at home.

Amy’s Artistic Designs

High-quality, handcrafted steampunk, fantasy and Celtic designed jewelry and other unique items including wire wrap, resin, macramé and clay.

Established in 2014, Amy’s Artistic Designs offers beautiful handcrafted jewelry in different aesthetics, including steampunk, fantasy, nature themes, and more. All types of jewelry are available: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, hair pieces, and more.  At the heart of this shop are the wire wrap, resin pendants and even some clay. The wire wrap pendants feature intricate original designs, crystals and resin in most of the designs. The artistic wire in the pendants and statement pieces is tarnish-free artistic wire in copper, antique copper, silver-plated copper, bronze and antique bronze. The resin pendants feature inspiring words and imagery of flowers, steampunk elements, and nautical elements. Another featured design is that of the storybook bracelets, which are charm bracelets that are themed around classic books and fairy tales. We also create macrame items, including small embellished purses. Across all items, several motifs pertaining to different aesthetics are present: flowers, butterflies, timepieces, birds, feathers, compasses, gears, bees, wings, keys, locks and hearts.

Pockets Plus

Pockets Plus is THE vendor to see for steampunk pocket watches!

Pocket watches!! Over 400 on display, including steampunk and other themed watches, jewelry and accessories!

Atelier Excentrique

Handmade jewelry, accessories, and housewares for the antique of heart!

Handmade with love and intention in Chicago, Illinois, Atelier Excentrique creates unique one of a kind jewelry, accessories, and housewares for modern dandies, ingénues romantiques, mori ghouls and graveyard bois, steampunks and Lolitas. Featuring vintage and salvaged components, authentic semiprecious gemstones, tiny floral arrangements, and genuine dried botanicals, Atelier Excentrique pieces are as special as they are unique.

Oglesby’s Photographic Arts

I create on site portraits, in vintage style, produced and delivered while you wait.

I have 40+ years of creativity in photographing groups and individuals. With a variety of steampunk backgrounds I create amazing, timeless portraits that are sure to capture the style of each person. I will photograph each person and then select a “background” that compliments their outfit. Each portrait will be printed and delivered in a vintage folder within minutes while they wait.

Nostolgic Twist

Uniting the past with the present in the future. 

Artisan Gifts with a Nostalgic Twist • Authentic Native American arts & crafts • Steam punk accessories • Historical vintage reproductions.

JCM Lighting Works

Genuine black iron pipe lamps mounted on gorgeous unique wood varieties and antiques 

JCM Lighting Works sells genuine black iron pipe lamps mounted on gorgeous solid wood bases. Many also include reclaimed fixtures and antiques, making each lamp unique. These lamps are both beautiful and functional, providing light to your life!

Ethereal Ephemera

Unique and original designed jewelry

A unique and interesting jewelry and home decor shop. Featuring something for everyone and every budget!

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