Cogs & Corsets’ Vendors

We are proud to present the following vendors at our 2024 Steampunk Vendor Market

Located on west Monroe Street in downtown Bloomington, IL.


Your local wood elf providing you with a wide variety of handmade goods!

I work with a variety of crafts between stickers, plushies, jewelry, potion decor, mini top hats and more! I also do custom commissions like paintings and digital profile/banner art!

Alley Kat’s Kreations

Spooky and witchy crocheted goodies.

I crochet a wide variety of items such as plushies and witch hats. My most popular items are my fun and colorful witch hats, but I also love making little plushies such as frogs and mushrooms.

Dragon Moon Creations, LLC

Fantasy, myth and magic brought in to your life

Original art inspired by history, myth and fun. Paintings, prints and hand painted journals made by us, hand painted prop steampunk style ‘weapons’, and well as one of a kind unique jewelry.

Jennifer Helene Tarot

Jennifer is a Psychic, Tarot and Oracle reader with over 15 years of experience whose goal is to provide empowerment through divination. 

Jennifer is a practicing Witch, Psychic, Tarot and Oracle reader with over 15 years experience. She uses her gifts to provide her clients with clarity and empowers them to make their own decisions and choose their own path.

Sue Rovens – Indie Suspense/Thriller Author

Suspense & Thrillers are alive (sometimes) and well, courtesy of local author, Sue Rovens.

With five novels and two collections of short stories in the suspense, thriller, and horror adjacent genres, local author Sue Rovens has you covered for your eerie reading needs. And if these aren’t your cup o’ tea, she has adorable Plump Toad mugs and Toad (tote) bags available as well. Great and affordable gift ideas for yourself or others at this booth. She would love for you to stop by! Check out the blog at to learn more.

Kryspykitty Kreations 

Incredibly unique & unusually upcycled jewelry & decor

I offer handcrafted, one of a kind assemblage jewelry and home decor. All of my items will have uniquely upcycled and repurposed components. My inspiration is all over the place and very “outside the box’, so some examples of the types of found objects featured in my work include parts from cameras, construction/electrical/ironwork, medical, motorcycle/bicycle/auto, sewing, clock/watch, signage, vintage keys/broken jewelry, rusty gold or “garbage” pieces and basically whatever catches my eye! Every single piece I create tells a story (and I also absolutely love to do custom work as well so your piece can tell YOUR story as well)!

Kraken Press

Imprinted and Embroidered Swag – Mugs, Shirts, Towels

Started printing around 15 years ago and have recently decided to try my hand at promotional products for the members of the SCA. Everything is 100% imprinted by me. If you want anything custom let me know! Selling towels, mugs, cups, magnets, ornaments and more!

Rachel’s Copper Creations

Hand Welded Copper Roses and wind chimes

Handcrafted copper Roses various sizes. There are Barrettes and other items made from the copper roses. The wind chimes have a simple elegance with a well tune melody.

Sorcerer’s Safari LLC

3D printed Articulated models, fidgets, and cosplay accessories

Fabricating articulated models of creatures both familiar (bats, capybaras, ferrets) and fantastical (dragons, pegasi, manticores) as well as fidgets and custom cosplay accessories (horns, dragon hide, commission props) with a focus on quality and durability. The owner of Sorcerer’s Safari LLC, Chris, is a Makerspace Librarian for his day job and has been 3d printing for nearly a decade.

Hook and JillThe Hook & Jill Saga

Author Andrea Jones will sign and sell her award-winning novels of Neverland for grown-ups, The “Hook & Jill” Saga, and other related books.

Author Andrea Jones will sign and sell her award-winning novels of Neverland for grown-ups, the “Hook & Jill” Saga. Also available are other works written or edited by Jones, such as short story anthologies and classic restorations including “Peter and Wendy: The Restored Text” and Alexandre Dumas’ beloved Robin Hood novels. We’ll also have Celia Jones’ children’s picture books and adorable animal art prints.

Twisted Krystals

Twisted Krystals Facebook Page

Hand wrapped and weaved pendants/fiber arts.

I like to make witchy and spiritual tools by hand utilizing simple materials.

V.H. Merriman Artworks

I take vintage and antique items and upcycle them into lamps and fun creations.

Creating unique lamps and sculptures from upcycled antique items, Vince Merriman is a visionary artisan who breathes new life into forgotten treasures. With a keen eye for design and a passion for sustainability, their work showcases a harmonious blend of history and modern aesthetics. Vince draws inspiration from the stories embedded in each antique piece, carefully selecting items that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Through meticulous craftsmanship, they transform these artifacts into functional yet captivating lamps and sculptural pieces, seamlessly marrying the past with the present. Driven by a commitment to environmental responsibility, Vince champions the ethos of upcycling—reducing waste and embracing the beauty of repurposed materials. Their creations not only illuminate spaces with a warm glow but also serve as symbolic reflections of a world where art and sustainability coexist. Vince continues to captivate audiences with their distinctive approach to artistic expression. Through the fusion of history, creativity, and eco-consciousness, they invite viewers to reconsider the value of the overlooked and discover the beauty in giving new meaning to the old.

Bug and Mowl

Bug and Mowl is a purveyor of unique Steampunk accessories affordably priced

Bug and Mowl is a purveyor of unique Steampunk accessories affordably priced. We offer a wide variety of goods from one-of-a-kind teacup holsters to the latest in steampunk blasters. We also carry jewelry, pocket watches, and limited clothing. Due to limited space, we do not bring all products to all shows. So if there is something you would like us to emphasize, please let us know.

Amy’s Artistic Designs

Welcome to Amy’s Artistic Designs where you can find beautiful handcrafted wire wrap, resin and other uniquely designed pieces with natural aesthetics, inspiring messages and steampunk elements.

Established in 2015, Amy’s Artistic Designs offers beautiful handcrafted jewelry in different aesthetics, including steampunk, fantasy, nature themes, and more. All types of jewelry are available: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, hair pieces, and more.  At the heart of this shop are the wire wrap, resin pendants and even some clay. The wire wrap pendants feature intricate original designs, crystals and resin in most of the designs. The artistic wire in the pendants and statement pieces is tarnish-free artistic wire in copper, antique copper, silver-plated copper, bronze and antique bronze. The resin pendants feature inspiring words and imagery of flowers, steampunk elements, and nautical elements. Another featured design is that of the storybook bracelets, which are charm bracelets that are themed around classic books and fairy tales. We also create macramé items, including small embellished purses. Across all items, several motifs pertaining to different aesthetics are present: flowers, butterflies, timepieces, birds, feathers, compasses, gears, bees, wings, keys, locks and hearts.

JCM Lighting Works

Genuine black iron pipe lamps mounted on gorgeous unique wood varieties and antiques.

JCM Lighting Works sells genuine black iron pipe lamps mounted on gorgeous solid wood bases. Many also include reclaimed fixtures and antiques, making each lamp unique. These lamps are both beautiful and functional, providing light to your life!

Midnight Grain

Leather and wood goods using high quality materials and traditional construction methods .

I design and make custom leather goods and wood furniture in multiple styles, built to last a lifetime using traditional construction methods and top end materials.

Wildcat Red Steam

Eclectic One of a Kind Creations. 

Each is One of a Kind. Victorian Era Hats, Chatelaines, and Silk Somebana Flowers, Butterflies, and Moths.

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