We are thrilled to announce the following vendors will be joining us for 2019:

Monroe St. Press

Quality reprints of Victorian and Edwardian literature

We make available quality paperback and hardback editions of vintage books from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Genres include science fiction, fantasy, adventure, children’s, games and pastimes, and non-fiction. monroestpress.com

Candy’s Creations 4U

Unique Steampunk themed items

Handmade Steampunk and Fantasy jewelry, along with other unique items including Steampunk themed toy guns, Dragon Eggs, Wire elf ears (Steampunk and Fantasy), magical wands, potions bottles, pirate bottles, and our one of kinds unicorn horns! facebook.com/candyscreations4u


KD’s & DD’s Designs

Artisan Gifts with a Nostalgic Twist

Our small shop has a variety of repurposed jewelry, one of a kind outfits, mini hats, antique jewelry, and artisan painted repurposed non-firing needed tools to finish an outfit. facebook.com/BeyondDreamCatchers

Ravenwing Creations Jewelry

An eclectic mix of wire wrapping, steampunk inspired pieces, metal stamping, and resin collage work.

The artist specializes is wire wrapping and metalworking, but has recently taken to stamping on metal. A great many Steampunk inspired pieces also adorn the displays. An eclectic variety is what the artist strives for creating something for everyone to enjoy. artfullydistracted.com

Detailed and Dunne

Exceptional Accessories for the Discerning Individuals

We provide those unique finishing touches to any outfit. Whether you need a new vest, a dandy skirt, or an amazing purse we have it for you in a wide range of sizes. You may also find a dazzling new hat, gloves, hat pins, brooches, stick pins, ties, and shawls, and many other accouterments that you will discover whilst shopping in our store. Don’t forget to acquire your cogs commemorative pin. detailedanddunne.com

Sue Rovens

Suspense/Horror Author

Local author Sue Rovens picks up where the likes of Bierce, Poe, and Shelley leave off. Her novels and short stories add swaths of suspense, horror, and a bit of strangeness to the Steampunk Weekend. She will be on hand to sign her books and would love for you to stop by her booth and learn more. suerovens.com

Barnyard Steamworks

I design & create jewelry using broken antique pocket watches, vintage wristwatches, and vintage jewelry

My motto is: Life is too short to wear boring jewelry! I design & create jewelry using broken antique pocket watches, vintage wristwatches, and vintage jewelry. My jewelry has a Steampunk inspiration and is created to be worn as everyday jewelry. Authentic watch pieces from the 1860s-1930s are used in most pieces along with new, old and found objects. If you enjoy something different stop by my booth. Guaranteed to make you smile & to be something you have never seen before! facebook.com/barnyardsteamworks

Silent Earth Arts

Handcrafted steampunk and gothic inspired ceramics

Hand thrown, carved, and altered ceramic pottery and art. Inspired by steampunk and gothic motifs, each piece of art is original and unique. silentearthart.com

Highwind Steamworks

Highwind Steamworks specializes in making high-quality handmade Steampunk leather, jewelry, and accessories

Highwind Steamworks creates all manner of jewelry, accessories, leather and soft goods. Using only quality parts and upcycled vintage or antique materials, my focus is on making items that are both aesthetically and economically pleasing. Starting out as a steampunk first and a maker second has given me a focus on making high-quality items for all price ranges. highwindsteamworks.etsy.com

Mad Girl Clothing by Pendragon Costumes

Mad Girl Clothing is a division of Pendragon Costumes, purveyors of quality historical and fantasy clothing for men and women for over 25 years.

For over a quarter century Pendragon Costumes has provided fine, handcrafted costuming and clothing to the Ren Faire and Con communities. With the addition of the Mad Girl Clothing line 10 years ago, we bring that experience and quality to the Steampunk community with original neo-Victorian designs for both men & women. Owner/Designer Nicole continues to personally craft over 90% of all our products. pendragoncostumes.com/madgirl-clothing

Harlan’s Emporium of the Curious and the Bizarre

Our approach to Steampunk blends masculine and feminine elements.

As Steampunk artists/makers, all of our jewelry is handmade by the two of us. We use a mix of components in our work: vintage costume jewelry; real locks, keys, and gears; semiprecious stones and polished fossils; cameos, charms, and jewelry findings. We paint our goggles and masks by hand before adding additional adornment, transforming them into unique creations. Some of our other accessories, such as bow ties, suspenders/bracers, and bags, are created from thrift store finds that we alter, adding our signature flair. etsy.com/shop/harlansemporium

Main Gallery 404

Steampunk jewelry, findings, accessories, and vintage clothes

Main Galley 404 features artists from throughout central Illinois. Our tent will show our steampunk jewelry and accessories as well as findings for sale. There will be a collection of vintage clothes for both men and women. We will be joined by local artist Brian K Simpson who will be drawing portraits for tips. 404maingallery.com

Reminted Jewelry

Jewelry from antique and ancient coins allow one to hold a piece of history

Genuine antique and ancient coins from all over the world are never damaged as they are worked into the jewelry pieces. A collection of Victorian pieces will speak to steampunks, but coins from many countries and time periods are available. Custom work is also available. remintedjewelry.com


Clothier to the well-dressed time traveler

We sell a variety of Steampunk/Victorian attire from dresses and ladies finery to men’s formal Wear, hats, boots and more. We also carry uniforms for the discerning officer. ravenworksip.com

Archimedes Azure Creations

Handmade and vintage jewelry and accessories, and hand trimmed parasols to add some sparkle to your ensemble!

Bronze jewelry, hair accessories, and sculpture; hand trimmed parasols; laser etched keychains and goggle discs; handmade and vintage jewelry; accessories and trinkets for your person and home. facebook.com/ArchimedesAzureCreations

Apothecary Teas

Handcrafted loose leaf teas.

Apothecary Teas is passionate about unique blends and new flavors. All of our teas are hand blended in small batches to ensure high quality in every steep. www.apothecaryteastore.com

Raven Designs

We make unique one of a kind gifts!

We create plush robots, handmade journals, keepsake boxes, and amazing art! Each item I sell is something I have personally created! www.ravendesigns.org

Winged Motivation

I make one of a kind handmade leather oddities from wings to hats to crowns and keychains!

I specialize in handmade custom-made leather wings, horns, crowns, headdresses, hats, leaves bracers and more. I LOVE working with natural materials. Most of my work is leather, but I also use bones, horns, antlers, and feathers. All the paint and stain I use is water-based, as is the sealant. I LOVE doing custom work, so if you have something in mind, we can collaborate to actualize it for you. Etsy.com/shop/wingedmotivation

Steam Pop Creations

Steampunk & Fantasy wares!

Unique Emporium of Steampunk & Fantasy Jewelry. Along with unique goggles, gas masks, necklaces, medals, hats, clothing and MORE. SteamPopCreations

Would you like to vend at Cogs & Corsets?

Our 10’x10′ booth spaces are $75 apiece (what a deal!) with an option to add electricity for $25 (limited availability). The 2019 vendor area has moved one block to provide more shade, better visibility and a few more spaces. We took last year’s vendor feedback very seriously, and we know you’ll enjoy your time vending at Cogs & Corsets!

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