Costume Contest Rules

All entrants must submit their signed registration form at check-in. No entries will be considered after check-in and pre-judging has begun.

All entrants must participate in pre-judging. In order to be considered for the Crowd Favorite award, entrants must participate in the costume parade portion of the Contest.

Restrooms for changing will be available on the first floor of the Museum of History. Entrants are responsible for their own belongings. We are unable to provide a secure area for personal items.  

No skits will be allowed.

All costumes must be family-friendly. Gore, graphic violence, nudity, swearing, or other objectionable elements may be grounds for disqualification as determined by the Costume Contest staff.

Realistic-looking firearms and weapons are discouraged and must be peace-tied.


  • Individual
  • Couple/Group 
  • Kids (created for or by a child under the age of 15.)

Questions about Costume Contest rules and registration may be addressed to the Costume Contest Coordinator. Email us at and include “Costume Contest” in the subject line.